My name is Glo Chitwood. Glo is a name that is short for Glory. I live in the city Chicago. I am the age 21 years old. I like to write and improvise. I also like squids and Colorado and Jeopardy! and ghosts and Sesame Street and camping and cereal and sitting down and you.

You probably don’t know me from my underwhelming presence on Twitter, and you definitely don’t know me from my idiot newspaper, The Lanky Pilgrim. It would be cool if you would check out my articles on Medium, especially The heartbreakingly short-lived secret communications channel between Jared Kushner and Russia, or on Bullshitist, especially my 2016 gallery of Jane Goodall wearing shawls.

I graduated from the Comedy Studies program at The Second City which is pretty neat and have trained at The Annoyance and iO Chicago, which is also pretty neat. Heck, you might see me improvising around Chicago with the teams Cat Booty or Hot Goss or on the east coast this fall with ImprovAcadia, which is also also pretty pretty neat.

email: iamglochitwood [at] gmail [dot] com
twitter: glochit

another fun thing: this

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